Same timeframe as the Algarve race in Portugal. But it's in Spain! Last year it was Pogacar who won it, so who will it be this year?
Notable riders: Gall, Buitrago, Ayuso, Caruso, Wllens, Poels, Haig




Live video stream available on Eurosport and GCN alternative.


Full startlist (not yet final):
Both the route and field are unusually poor by the standards of this race…

Stage 1:
They took about the easiest route they could have.



Trevélez (from Orgiva onwards)

Finale (the section between 7k and 13k on the profile below)

Stage 2:


Jaramillo (the right half of the image below)

Don’t have a profile of the finish, however it is the most stupid design I’ve seen in years: full 180 onto a very narrow, cobbled road at 700 metres to go, then things basically stay narrow until the final turn at 50 metres to go. The drag to the line is (as per the roadbook) 8.5k at 3.6% with the final 500 metres at 3%, so it’s not like it will be a tiny group going into it either. Quite frankly, you need to be with the first 5 riders going into the turn, because even if a crash doesn’t happen near the front of the bunch, you aren’t moving up.

Stage 3:
I only have a profile of the ramp midway through. The actual KOM at Cardo is a long drag.

Stage 4:
The pitiful excuse for a main GC stage. Alto de la Primera Cruz is the first 2.7k of the profile below, it really isn’t a hard climb.

Stage 5:
The best way to use a lot of elevation metres on the final day: mostly low-gradient climbs far from the finish.


La Calerilla

Cortes de la Frontera

Espino. How fitting that the final climb of the race is the easiest side of a pass with four sides, at 80k to go…
this is the only stage where that can happen

it's still only 3km at 10% and it's 56k from the line. maybe if Remco were here.

Doesn't the stage tomorrow have a super long irregular climb in the middle? You have 2 super teams at the start with UAE and Bahrain. Maybe they could make the race explode there. It's far ofcourse, but I don't think it's impossible if they want to. This isn't a WT quality start list, the difference between riders/teams is immense so you could definitely make the race interesting, but that's only if they want ofcourse.

I would've liked a murito finish somewhere like they usually have in this race, but it's not like I hate the parcours. Not every race has to be for the top climbers.

I'm probably biased tho cause this parcours actually gives Van Gils a shot at doing good.
Its steepest kilometre averages 7.3%. That just isn't suited to aggressive racing.

In this field it should be possible. There's only 2 teams that can have control and even eachother out, UAE and Bahrain, apart from that the level is pretty low apart from solo's like Gall, Cepeda, Van Gils, ...

It all depends on how UAE and Bahrain want to play it.

I agree that could've made the first stage harder tho, plenty of opportunities there. At least there isn't a headwind on the last climb, that would've been bad cause it's also on a highway. They have to at least try to make that shallow irregular climb somewhat tiring or it wil just be a sprint or something tactical in the end.
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