Vuelta a España 2019 stage 4: Cullera > El Puig, 175.5km

Stage 4 includes a cat3 climb at 45km from the finish line with slopes always below 7% but for a short section that should not be a problem for the sprinters on the eve of a string of stages with an uphill finish.

Weather forecast has some showers before 14:00 local time, light winds and temperatures around 25ºC. However, there are weather alerts in the region for locally strong storms.

Cullera is well-known for its tourist offer, its coastline and its climate. This town near Valencia, which La Vuelta visited for the first time in 1980, will delight visitors with its rich food heritage and its cultural options. One of these is the remarkable Pirata Dragut Museum. This cave, located in the district of Faro de Cullera, showcases the pirates’ way of life in the 16th century, as a reminder of the occasion when the town was attacked in 1550 by Dragout, the legendary Barbarossa’s right-hand man.

Located some twenty kilometers away from the provincial capital, Valencia, El Puig played a key role in the Reconquista of Spain from the Moors, which was led by Jaime I in this region. From his castle he planned his battle strategy, and in honour of his victory in 1237 he built the monastery called Real Monasterio de Santa María de El Puig. This edifice, declared a National Historical-Artistic Monument in 1969, still retains its Salón Real [Royal Quarters], which is for the exclusive use of Spanish monarchs visiting Valencia.

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