Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2021: Stage 21 (Padrón - Santiago de Compostela, 33.8 km / ITT)

It's easy to forget after today's shenanigans and with the now-massive gaps between most GC riders it won't change the final order much, but we still have a TT to end our six-GTs-in-13-months Covid special.

The two main climbs are 1.6k at 7.6% and 1.7k at 5.6% respectively, with time checks at the summit of both. The little ramp in the final kilometre is 300m at 7.7%.

I was going to bank on him turning up for the start pretending nothing happened, like George Costanza in Seinfeld..
Will he then also try to poison someone, if he's denied entry?

Padrón peppers comes from this area originally, but since they aren't that hot, I don't expect anything spicy to happen.
Roglič will probably win, and De la Cruz will overtake Martin in the GC.
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Which episode are we speaking of here? Because so many athletes have been maligned on Seinfeld...
We are speaking about the episode where George quits his job as a realtor, because he's not allowed to use his company's executive bathroom.
Damn, just checked the GC, these are 90s style gaps in the top 10. Großschartner is over 20 minutes down in 10th, Bernal still 6th despite almost 12 minutes down.
After tomorrow Roglic will most likely have over 4 minutes on Mas, who was the last winner with a 4 minute gap in the Vuelta? Heras? Ullrich?

But yeah, only changes I see is De la Cruz overtaking G Martin to get 8th - or is there a chance Yates takes a minute on Haig? I doubt it right? Haig should be solid.
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This ITT is even more perfect for Roglič than the Olympic one. Even if he doesn't take risks, he should win comfortably. I don't even know who are his biggest challengers. Maybe Tratnik and Cerny on paper, but there should be too much climbing for them to be considered serious threats. Oliveira? Craddock? Cort again?
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The Vuelta is almost over. Roglic's main rivals can only hope for a miracle in Santiago de Compostela. Primoz has to make sure it will not happen - TJV are preparing a special suit for him (with air bags protection and accelerometer).
As a final Grand Tour stage, time trial is exciting when there is something to play for. But when the most important things have been settled it's way worse than parade before eventual mass sprint for the stage win.
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