Warning if you post comments at Velonation

Feb 14, 2010
I'm just back to give a heads up. I posted a comment to an article at VeloNation, and was shocked to see my unique real name listed instead of my username. I clicked my profile, and it at least appears that all my old comments had changed as well. I e-mailed and tweeted them, and changed what they had for my real name. I thought I'd give fair warning in case any of you also post there.

P.S. Contador really has allergies, and doesn't lie, or use the allergies as an excuse.:cool: Cheers.

Edit: They just e-mailed back and said nothing has changed, and real names have always appeared in the comments. I've certainly never noticed it before. What's the point of having a username if the real one is posted? I'm done there.