Warning: Transcend Glucose Gels are Dangerous

Jan 26, 2023
People who are diabetic should know that Transcend Glucose Gels are a SCAM. A friend of mine tried the gels and she's type 1 diabetic, she wound up in the hospital the next day. I did research and found that Transcend Glucose Gels are not FDA approved and very dangerous to T1D people.

I also researched the CEO Ethan Lewis. He's a professional scam artist. Ethan Lewis has a rap sheet in Florida for similar scams. If you're a T1D person, DO NOT TRY TRANSCEND GLUCOSE GELS.
You included FDA in your post.. which I gotta say spooked me a little.. First I am glad that your friend is ok. Anyone in the US that is taking any supplement is participating in a complete crapshoot.. sad..would have thought that from decades of gotta journalism pieces about supplements made in basements and garages, open fields and then deceptively marketed and sold as drugs is old news..Gels as an almost cartoon type nutritional device.. bagged sugar in varying strength and taste.. This post is another scared straight event.. before trying any supplement or trying a new exercise routine consult with a doctor..
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