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Website Errors.




Its Saturday and Sunday, not friday and sunday..

Brett Lancaster of Garmin is NOT in that photo

and there is only 1 person in this photo not two.

Last time i posted errors my thread got deleted. If you delete this one please tell me why. :D
Jan 18, 2010
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sublimit said:
They need a proofreader, so many errors and its like stuff is just made up some of the time. somebodies head must roll. :)

I'm sure the team at CN would love more staff and more bandwidth in general to make sure mistakes like the ones above didn't happen. But they get a lot more right than wrong. And the notion that CN make things up is ridiculous and has no basis in fact. If you knew a little more about Dan, Laura and the team you would know that to say something like that like is both unfounded and more than a little disrespectful. Sorry I have taken your comment too much to heart but I think we give CN a hard time on these boards and generally they are very gracious in their response but this is a bit too fast and loose with their integrity for my liking. Rant over.
Dec 7, 2010
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When I click on the pics themselves I get the "404."

But as you stated, clicking "View thumbnail gallery" tells me there is nothing to see.

So...no pics either way. :confused:


L'arriviste said:
+1 for me, I'm afraid, Susan. 404s here too. :eek:

same here. thumbnail gallery option works, but clicking on any of the images brings up a 404


Very small gramatical error (wife is an english teacher)


The winner of the 2007 Junior Paris-Roubaix, Fabien Taillefer is under investigation in Brittany along with a dozen other amateur riders, a doctor and a pharmacist, as part of a French doping investigation called ‘Medi14’. The investigation has been carried out by French gendarmes and Taillefer’s father, a national veteran champion, is also involved.

Depending on the placement of the comma Taillefers father is involved in the investigation, or involved in the doping.

edit: article now here

which brings up a small point. Why do CN rename news articles after theyve been originally published. makes it a bit annoying for people whove linked to the original article.


usedtobefast said:
O-p-e-r-a, yes? or is that the upgrade?

oh yes, opEra :D Whatever the new version is, whatever the version is that firefox have just blatently ripped off.
May 5, 2009
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Tirreno Adriatico report
March 14, Stage 6: Ussita - Macerata 178km


Riders of the calibre of Andy Schleck and Fabian Cancellara (Leopard Trek) were among those deposited unceremoniously out of the back once the road pitched upwards, but it was at the front end of the race where the real drama took place.

So you wanna tell me Fäbu lost almost 16 minutes in the last 2km?

109 Fabian Cancellara (Swi) Leopard Trek 0:15:43

It seems to me the Leo-Trek rider with Babyschleck was Stamsnijder (don't ask me how to spell his name) and not Cancellara, pls correct.

CN said:

Perhaps it's a bit pedantic, but the Brabantse Pijl / Fl&#232]not[/I] take place in the Ardennes.

Old Brabant is an open, arable-pasture landscape. It's famous for orchards, horses and rolling fields punctuated by vierkantshoeves (square-sided farms). It has nothing to do with the sort of deep, wooded valleys full of pot-bellied, banjo-toting weirdos that we more readily associate with the Ardennes of the Flèche Wallonne and LBL.