Well when you put it like that I dont see the problem

Jan 30, 2011
Except that panel 3 should say:

We hold contests to
see which humans are
fastest and strongest.

But some humans eat
chemicals that are against
the rules because they
are dangerous if not
properly administered, are
not always tested or approved
for human use and in some
cases pose long term health
risks that undo the benefits
of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Because these athletes are role
models, their breaking of the rules
encourages others to also break
the rules and put their lives at
risk without a full understanding
of the hazards.

Once some athletes start
taking these chemicals, all
athletes have to take them to
remain competitive. This puts
even more people at risk.
I know though, it's a little long and not as punchy or as sarcastic.

While this alternate only focuses on the potential health implications, there are other just as relevant issues that could be mentioned. Once the arms race starts, where does it stop? Drugged sport becomes more about who can develop and/or access the best drugs, or who has the most money to fund their preparation.