What is a "recovery program"?

May 21, 2010
What is a "normal" recovery program used by the most "progressive" team "doctors" and what is a recovery program used by "clean" teams like Garmin?

Seems likes this can be a very gray-ish area for the professed "clean" teams.

No such thing as "clean" recovery program. A recovery program is defined as drug regimen that is more oriented toward helping the body quickly repair damage from the days racing or training. This opposed to a more performance oriented program which aims to increase power output (blood boosting via EPO or transfusion and anabolic steroids for example).

A recovery program consists of things like HGH (human growth hormone), testosterone, insulin, and corticosteroid shots. These drugs are all very helpfull for recovery and allow the body to sustain a higher training and racing load than one could sustain clean.

So you see in the end all drug programs enhance performance whether one defines them as recovery or performance oriented.