What type of pro rider would you want to be

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1,82m, was 73kg in '17, 79kg in '18, and I got as high as 83kg in '19...too much work, Pinot DNF and I get on a binge of beers and chips twice :weary:, broke two bikes and was forced to "rest" mainly.

All that extra padding has affected my ability to fly and after moving to the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia, building a new bike, I ate slices of humble pie over the local climbs, riding with some very good riders. Now is time to get thinner before the spring: Wintergreen (check it out, it's AdH in Virginia) I'm coming...soon.

Besides the easy answer (Eddy Merckx), climber and attacker are my most favorite traits in a rider...I used to like Virenque, Contador, but I don't like scandals, so being Alaf', Nibali, De Gendt or Tibopino (of course) would be great.
I think I would be Luca Paolini minus the party invites. Getting on a bit, sporting a beard, and often seen hanging around the back of the peloton, but with a bit of a punchy kick when needed
In reality the closest would probably be a domestique who's good at time trialing, but no real specialist.
But I'd like to be a really, really strong small climber, so I wouldn't have to be afraid of big mountains but would await them eagerly... I would also be a decent but not too great time trialer, so that people always want me to do well and cheer for me!
In theory I would love to be an aggressive one-day-racer, also playing smart tactics, but in real life I would be scared as hell to fail, so even if I had the legs, that wouldn't work out...
A very reliable domestique who attacks and tries to go for as long as possible although the chance for success is very small would also be cool.
Id want to be an attacking style puncheur / climber like Voeckler / Chavanel / Gilbert. However I'm 182cm and 78kg and any hills over 5-6% I'm pretty ***, so realistically I'd be happy being a bottle carrier and last choice domestique for the flatter races :laughing: I'm ok at the shorter less steep climbs and terrible at TTs
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As a guy of about 187cm and around the 100 kg or so, i'll always dream about how it feels to climb quickly! :sweatsmile:

But in terms of which races i'd like to win the most, i'd go for the cobbled classics for sure. Strong time trialist with a good punch after a long, hard race.
Gilbert-type, at least thats the rider i reminded myself most of when I was cycling (obviously, he's a tad better...) Pretty explosive on danish climbs which is pretty similar to those of Amstel Gold and decent enough on the flat when in shape, not a time trialer and can go 2x faster when really pressured to on the last climb