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Wheelmen Grand Tour

i did it once. in 1988 i think it was. left Malibu before dawn(need lights) roll up
PCH. very well organized in the food stop department. i managed to get lost in Oxnard and added an additional 20 miles to my 200 mile ride. it is hilly,as you would expect. took me 11 1/2 hours to do 220 miles. so i guess i did not bonk.(like i said good food) it was a fun day. i sure did stink when i got done:eek:
Dec 29, 2009
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i did the grand tour in 1998. it was my only double century and the year i was injured.

203 miles, 4k elevation and 16.2 mph average. i flatted at least three times. i got about 2 hours sleep the night before and before i was done i knew i wouldn't need to do another double ever again :D.

i remember we pulled up to a couple of gals near the end at pepperdine who weren't on the ride. they asked us about our ride and they were shocked that we had ridden more than 200 miles that day.

originally i was going to do the davis double that year --which is nearer my home -- but i got sick and i gave my number to a friend.

the grand tour is one of the easiest doubles in the state and it was an interesting course. i strongly recommend it. i still have the tee shirt in my closet hanging next to my tattered death valley century tee (rode that one on my 41st birthday).

ed rader
Did it in 2004 and 2009. 2004 was my very first double and it wasn't bad at all. There are two route options: highland and lowland. Both times I've done the highland, which still does not include too much climbing. Fairly scenic route since about the first and last 20 miles are all along the coast on PCH and some sections through groves and hills. There is some time spent riding through suburbia, but compaired to some other doubles I've done, not too bad. Good support on the ride. Only some problems with cars on PCH towards the end of the ride. Unfortunately someone was hit by a drunk driver last year and died.