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Which forum poster would Pat McQuaid be? Which poster is Lemond?

May 13, 2009
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BigBoat said:
I wonder now... LOL

Who's Lemond? Maybe the guy with lemons as avatar?

Patty? No idea. A July five post wonder writing brown-nosed drivel? Or the dude coming to the clinic and claiming everybody's clean? Has Patty ever managed to string two coherent sentences together? There's a clue maybe.
Pat McQuaid = the winner of the poll on who is Lance's biggest fan.
Greg Lemond = One of the people mentioned in the opposite poll, because in my opinion, they're invariably the ones who know the sport and the issues.
I'm thinking Dr Maserati might be Lemond.

Dr. Maserati said:
One rider who didn't get a mention by the Irish contingent - Alan McCormack was one of the leading lights on the American circuit. While it was viewed as the poor relation to the Euro scene back in the 80's it was nonetheless very fast and competitive.
Who else would remember McCormack?

Meanwhile, LeMond was moving closer to his personal confrontation with the other Soviets. The Coors Classic was decided, as it often has been, in the 10th stage, the 92-mile Morgul-Bismarck, a fearsome race held last Saturday near the outskirts of Boulder. The 13.2-mile course, none of which is protected by a hint of shade, features the Hump and the Wall, two precipitous stretches of road. Ho-hum. The Soviets had been using the course for training from the moment they had arrived in Colorado.

Early in the Morgul-Bismarck, the five U.S.S.R. riders broke ahead of the pack, although one soon faded back. "Hey, hey," shouted LeMond, calling for help as he gave pursuit. He would get none from his teammates. With about 53 miles left in the stage, the temperature was near 90�, the sun was scorching, and except for Alessandro Pozzi of Italy, who eventually got a flat tire, and Alan McCormack of Ireland, LeMond was alone with the Soviet juggernaut.

Lap after lap, he stayed right there, hanging with the Soviets and McCormack. Entering the final stretch—the 150-yard Wall—LeMond made his move. As the Russians weaved and blocked, LeMond pulled ahead and sprinted for the finish line. Yuri Barinov, bronze medalist at Moscow, stayed on LeMond's rear wheel and slingshotted past him at the finish, winning by a bike length. LeMond's second place, however, all but guaranteed him the individual title; the Russians nailed down the team championship with four of the first five places.
Jul 16, 2009
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lemond has better things to do that work out the world with us lonely muppets.

mc quaid could be here. the glove puppet of big H is corrupt , loves the limelight but ( and i hate to say it) doing a goodish job

Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
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Ninety5rpm said:
Okay, I've gone back and read some more of your posts.
So, you've met Armstrong and Lemond.

That's quite a time span. Bob Roll?

I have met every TdF winner of the last 30+ years.

As for Bob Roll - I don't recall ever seeing him.

Although I would be suprised if he wasn't at races I have seen - but I have done a search online and can't confirm.