Which is The Best Bike Under 500??



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I don't think they'll respond back...seems like spam to me. If it was urgent then they'd have been back by now to interact.
This was my first thought when the thread opened, for a number of reasons.

Some spammers typically 'groom' the forum with benign comments for a small period of time and then they hit us with their advertisements when they think we won't notice.

It's a ridiculous business model that don't work very well on this forum because we usually stomp the spam (and spammers) pretty fast.

I'll leave it open though as it's a legitimate question but sadly I don't anticipate anyone returning for a response.
Apr 23, 2015
If it's sterling or US dollars at that price all I can say is DONT GO FOR FULL SUS! You'll get real equipment for your money if look more towards hard tails. Also, you'll probably get decent cable disc brakes or hydraulics. Just make sure the fork is from a trusted brand and not a cheap no name thing.

In the UK take a look at Merlin, Evans Sale or Boardmans in a sale. There's good stuff out there.


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Try this: http://mountainbikereviewed.com/best-mountain-bikes-under-500-review/

I see a lot of Diamond Back bikes in similar reviews.
You can also check this type of bike also...
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Posting a link to your first post is a red flag to me but not against the rules, especially in this thread where I've disapproved numerous "first comments" by others for doing exactly the same thing. You may have honestly linked a website to your comment because you saw that Red_flanders did it too, but he's posted thousands of comments previously with none of them being considered spam, your post, on the other hand, could be considered spam.

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Nov 13, 2019
There are many mountain bike in the market. But all are not good for moutain biking. In my blog i have reviewed top few best mongoose bike reviews. mongoose bike good for mountain biking and its cheaper than other bike in the market.
I'm gonna reawaken this thread as I am looking to start up with a bit of off roading but not to the extreme of racing, just for enjoyment with my son. Looking around the £500 - £600 mark to start off with. Been look at the Bergamont Revox 5 and the Focus whistler 3.6. It seems crazy that there is next to nothing to buy online at the moment, sick of seeing "out of stock" unless I'm willing to spend stupid money. Are either of the 2 bikes mentioned ok for a newbie? Thanks.
I've just turned 50 so I ain't gonna try any stuff that gonna make me struggle to get back on the bike if I come off and injure myself. Light stuff, gravel/dirt track no mega roots and rocks, I can handle small stuff but no extreme bouncing around giving my balls a shattering.