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Who do you WANT to win the 2024 Tour de France?

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Pretty simple: Who do you want to win?

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Noone specific, tbh...

Just hoping for a memorable and watchable edition :)

A stage race can be filled with frustrations and annoyance if you behind blinders expect a certain outcome.
An edition would be underwhelming to me, even if I had a favorite, if he literally strips every competition. And the podium battle is settled way before due.

A favorourite edition here would be a nuanced stage race with a route design delivering surprising courses and outcomes, unexpected rider names, thilling stages of which not only includes the usual suspects as per stage. It will be worth watching.

This is generally what I enjoy the most about watching bike races. To sit back, be in the moment and just observe what is happening. If not so much happens, then the nuances of what happens.

Sorry for not answering the OP question, but is really someting I have on my mind. Not only speaking this forum but others as well - ending up in toxicity just because things didn't go as planned, while alot of other spectacles happened.
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Remco winning would be a cathartic experience for a nation that has an incredible love for the sport but waits almost half a century for winning the biggest race of all. Remco, the kid from Brussels, the football cyclist ... the whole nation can somewhat relate to him. I believe that his personality, approachability, history and just being multilingual helps the sport in general too. We need personalities that tell new stories and make frontpages.
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