Who has the best chance of making the Podium?

Who has the best shot of knocking one of the big 3 off the podium?

  • Bardet

    Votes: 3 4.3%
  • Porte

    Votes: 15 21.4%
  • Pinot

    Votes: 19 27.1%
  • NIbali

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Landa

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Aru

    Votes: 23 32.9%
  • Rolland

    Votes: 2 2.9%
  • Purito

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • TJVG

    Votes: 6 8.6%
  • Other (say below)

    Votes: 2 2.9%

  • Total voters
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So, Nairo, Froome, and AC are the favorites but I have a feeling at least one will miss the podium. There are a bunch of guys I think could make top 3 if things go their way, even more than I could include in this poll.

You guys predicting a Big 3 podium or do you think someone else will find their way in?
Out of this group, Aru is the most likely to get onto the podium imo. He won't out muscle any of the big three though. He'll only get there if one of them crashes or has a mechanical or gets sick.
I voted for Porte. I prefer to put his previous failures in Grand Tours down to a combination of bad luck and riding for others, rather than because he can't cope with three week races.I thought he looked super strong in the Dauphine, particularly since (as I understand) he hadn't been training at altitude beforehand but has been in the last couple of weeks.
despite his apparent inability to not have a bad day during a GT, I picked Porte. Of all of those listed, he's the closest to the top three in terms of climbing and time trialing.
I'd say Nibali has a chance tbh if he rides for himself.
If we're saying none of the top 3 will crash and all of them will perform as expected, then Porte is the only one who stands a chance of sneaking onto the podium. But crashes, illness etc happens, and so I voted for Aru
I went for Aru.

I can see porte doing it but it's less likely.

TeJay, Pinot, Bardet etc just haven't got the capacity considering the field of riders here. Assuming 2 don't drop out through crashes or illness
Alot of Journalist's and pundits are completely ignoring Rolland.

They speak of the 3 french riders Pinot, Bardet and Barguil.

But for my money, Rolland has a better chance of a top 5 and top 10 than Barguil.
He's a better climber imo, better decender and similar in TTs. Also he has a full team behind him in Canondale.
Barguil is ultimately more talented for the future but I think for this tour Rolland has been unfairly missed out.

He has a had a better season to date than before riding better than ever in the dauphine!
Also he had never been to an altitude camp before this year so that is bound to help!
Porte with the early lead. That should last a week. Really though, isn't it common knowledge that Aru is the dark horse for this year's Tour? Four GT's in two years with three podiums, one of those a victory. And five stage wins as well in those tours.
This poll confirms that Porte is at the same time over- and underrated. To some he's bound to lose twenty minutes on his traditional bad day, others put him above riders who have already made GT podiums or even won them.

I voted Aru, although I don't believe Nibali is going to work for him.
Mar 14, 2016
I didn't vote for Porte because I think he will have his traditional bad day.

But, IF he doesn't have it, then there's a very real chance he can topple one or more of the Big Three.
Aug 16, 2013
On true talent, Pinot, Aru and Porte.

Bardet if he attacks from afar and steal some minutes.

All the others i don't believe in. Purito is too old for Tdf podium.
I voted for other, because I think Dan Martin has an outside chance of third. Will be interesting to see how much he has improved since going to Etixx - particularly regarding TTing.

Of those listed, I think it will be Pinot, Aru, Nibali and then TJ (in that order) - not convinced that any of the others can last the distance without having at least one spectacularly bad day.
Gigs_98 said:
I think Aru is the best gc rider of the ones in the poll, but I don't think his shape is very good, therefore I voted Pinot.
Aru rides for Astana. He might have seemed out of shape in the Dauphine, but he will have timed his good form to a perfection. He'll be rockin and rollin.