Who is Sandisfan?

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I always assumed (s)he was a fan of a sandis (which from Danish would translate as ice cream made of sand) and found h(im/er) weird for that reason.
Or they’re showing that they don’t like Anakin Skywalker as he says he doesn’t like sand in the movie. Thus they could be saying they don’t support Anakin’s turn to the dark side even if it was to save his wife.

We’re getting down to the meat of the name.
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Okay, now that we have a very rough idea who sandisfan is, who is noob? :D
I guess I am whatever you believe me to be, as I couldn't ever be anything else logicially? :D

One story: Truly a noob. I couldn't even mount a racing bike. Couldn't even sit on a normal bike like ten years ago, due to illness and motoric issues, but now loves being on an electric bike, because it makes me feel alive and free. I love living vicariously through others so I love watching races. Also scenery. RR has the most beautiful arenas! <3
The user name , with sand in it, is coincidental to my love of the California coast. Only near LA where there is there generally a warmer current, up north we have a cold current which keeps it nice and cool in the Summer. Although not far north of LA (I'm from the San Jose area hence my fandom of the SJ Sharks) and one of my favorite summer vacation areas is Morro Bay, it is north about 75 miles from the big cities of southern Cali. there is a low mountain range about 1000 feet or so and go inland around a 20 minute drive where the coast is 70-75 Fahrenheit but inland it is over 100 F.

P.S. Ok you got me started now I will give some music appreciation, that is music I like that is less Known... Allen Parsons Project ..."Tales if mystery and Imagination" ( based in Edgar Allen Poe poems). The Raven is awesome but you need to bring up lyrics to read for the first part of the song as they use one of those music box things where you hear the voice modulated by something like a guitar though not sure as it may be a synth. Another headphone wonder from APP is I Robot. there is some discordant music in both but it's like clearing the palate with tart or bitter appetizers for the later main course. ;)

P.S.S. Up north with the cold current you can visit another favorite on the coast Bodega Bay the place they filmed the "Birds" by Hitchcock and many will go to the coast there or like in San Francisco and not bring sweaters or coats where inland it is hot and end up freezing, well not freezing but chilly and shivering. LOL :)
For some reason, whenever I see this thread bump I read the threat title in a J Jonah Jameson voice in my head the way he does ask here:

"Who is Sandisfan? He's a criminal, that's who he is! A vigilante! A public forum menace! What's he doing liking my posts while I'm asleep?"

All jokes aside, even before this thread I kind off expected that he's probably living in an American time zone and enjoys his afternoon reading upon what happened earlier in the races by going through the forum. Nice guy :)