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Who were the samples from the 1999 tour?

Apr 15, 2010
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Can someone help me, I was trying to ascertain who gave the 87 (usable) samples that were latterly tested for EPO.

I was just trying to set in my own mind to what extent everyone was doing it? since there were only 13 positive samples

if i'm right......
the yellow jersey holder gets tested every day, and stage winner gets tested every day, that would mean,
kirsipuu gave 6 samples
steels 3
cipo 4
lance 15
extebarria 2
commesso, konishev, guerini, dierckxsens, escartin, mondini, mcewen (all 1)

that would account for 36 samples,

who else would have given samples?
also how common were tests that although not positive "clearly contained" epo to the trained eye, (ashenden said that 2 of lances were like this, but does anyone know if these were the only two?)
also how many samples were unusable? do we know how many of these were lances?

any help would be appreciated
Mar 18, 2009
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All prologue samples were positive. Now, we know that after a prologue, besides the randomly selected people, the top 3 are always tested.

So that's Armstrong, Zülle and Olano