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Who will be the first Italian Giro stage winner?

Aug 12, 2009
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BroDeal said:
Or will they be completely shut out?

I am betting on my man Cunego to uphold the national honor.

Big fan of Cunego too. He'll get one. Don't know if he'll be the first or only Italian but he will get one this year. I did have Sastre winning on the Zoncolan but after 10 days I am not so sure anymore. I think Carlos should probably go home if he keeps dropping time and focus on the Tour and Vuelta.:( Yes it really is that sad. Think Damiano will get the big win there.

But, Cungeo is the best Italian climber/sprinter in the Giro. Basso and Nibali are not going to win a stage. Cunego has already come close. If anyone it will be him. Maybe Scarponi has a chance too. Don't think the same for Gibo or Garzelli though. Scarponi has had some oommph this season. Has form. Is Chicchi still in the race? I think he is racing (correct me if I am wrong). Maybe he can pick up the slack for Liquigas and get a stage win.
Mar 10, 2009
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Mr. Boots, or Scarponi.

He showed he was really good in the dirt race and attacked a couple of times on the Terminillo. He is hungry, on form and ready.

I think he'll be there tomorrow.