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Tour de France Who will win the 2024 Tour de France? Pre-race poll.

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Who will win the 2024 Tour de France?

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I don’t think Vingegaard will be in shape to contend for the win barring a trip to the other side but if he does:

*****Pogacar (Vingegaard)
*** Adam, Almeida
** Ayuso, Evenepoel, GC Kuss, Hindley, Jorgensen, Vlasov
*everyone else

I think Pogacar and Roglic are the two (three if Vingegaard is in top shape) favorites and should be the winners barring any crash/illness.
I think overall Pogacar is stronger and looks to have the stronger team but has the Giro in his legs. Roglic knows how to pace and save himself better while having a potentially more cohesive team but could throw a chance away to get big time.
To be honest, the inner dynamic in UAE might be more interesting than the Tour itself. I can see all of Ayuso, Yates and Almeida fighting to be the second man after Pogacar. Could bring them to the podium and even to the win eventually.
And everyone would have pretty solid arguments about that.
Barring a crash or some bad luck I can only see one outcome this year. UAE look ultra prepared this year in comparison to Jumbo who have had almost everything possible go wrong with their riders preparation.

Pogacar to win comfortably. I’ll predict that Vingegaard will not see the race out and Evenepoel will have un jour sans which will put him out of contention.

1. Pogacar
2. Rodriguez
3. Almeida
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1. Evenepoel
2. Vingegaard
3. Roglic

One can dream, right?

Dreaming is the whole point.

I'm also sure absolutely all the Pogačar fans who're convinced the double is already his... will be stressed as hell when starts. People like to act like the best riders are totally 'in control' & everything will be fine but that's far from the truth.

Crashes & illnesses will also play a huge role, as always.

Yeah, it will be hot in Florence, however the first weekend is not going to be decisive by any means. Let's see if we have 30°C in the last week.

Yeah & if it is over 30°C from Italy all the way to the final ITT (with a heatwave ala 2003 again), then Pog won't win the Tour.
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