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Worlds in London pub?

Sep 13, 2009
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I'll be in London the weekend of the Worlds. Being norwegian I would not want to miss the first time Norway get 9 riders to represent the country in a World Championship. Can anyone recommend a pub or a place to see the event? Preferrably a place where other cycle enthusiasts go? Will it be shown on terrestrial channels? Any recommendations would be most welcome!
The Worlds will be shown on Eurosport here in the UK, though maybe the BBC will cover it on its interactive channel via the red button for digital viewers. I know Dimspace was in London at the time of the Tour de France and went to a pub to see the race, so asking him would be an idea.


theres is a sports bar directly opposite, damn.. um... Marylebone

they havnt got the cycling on their schedule

but give them a shout, it may well be that they show it if requested, they have multiple big screens, a fairly nice menu and its a very convenient position right next to the station..