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WSJ article: Armstrong vs. LeMond

This was brought up before. I don't see how this can be good for Trek. If they hired a public relations company to smear LeMond's image then that essentially proves LeMond's complaint.

You can bet that LeMond's lawyers are busy digging into just what Public Strategies did. The Internet has become a huge tool for public relations. LeMond's lawyers will undoubtedly find employees registered on cycling forums to bad mouth LeMond. They may be responsible for originating a lot of the digs against LeMond.

Trek will settle before is goes to trial.

Eva Maria

May 24, 2009
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BroDeal said:
Trek will settle before is goes to trial.

what if Greg does not want to settle? What if they tried a few times to settle but Greg realizes he hold all the cards (and tapes, and emails) and chooses to go to trial?

Hummm, payback is a female dog (darn censors)