Yo Cyclingnews how about stopping the....

Mambo95 said:
What browser are you on? I can't say that I've had a problem.

On the iPad itself. Once the "ad" pops up and you close it down it locks the website. The ony way to recover is to refresh the page. Alas this causes the ad to pop up again.

So in short you can use CyclingNews website on an iPad anymore.

So frustrating.
Jun 15, 2009
thehog said:
....stupid iPad pop up ad. It disables the websites. I get it - download the app. But please don't freeze the website. Come on.

Please let us know who the ad is for so we can do something about it.
Jul 7, 2010
It's only meant to show the first time apparently - the problem is being reported to the relevant person. Hopefully it'll be fixed very soon!