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Your favourite cyclingnews alliteration

Mar 13, 2009
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From "Petrov powers to win" to "Chicchi kicks hardest" or "Sörensen terrific on Terminillo" - cyclingews alliterations are always a blast.

Which one is your favourite?
Mar 19, 2010
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Not aliteration, but the "Men in black put an end to Vino rosé" was just about the worse headline I ever read.

How about:

"Cyclingnews.com fights for honours against the best of the British tabloids."
Yeah! :D that's even better! (Now ASO needs to do two things; give team type 1 a wildcard and make a TTT to Tourmalet!)

Hmm... too bad Barredo decided to give up in the breakaway, otherwise we could've had

Barredo Beats Big Bear!

Just found an actual one...

Saxo banks on Schleck, Cancellara in California

In fact it's two...
issoisso said:

This. Hands down. I love that you haven't been able to shake it from your head and it sprang to mind immediately! Oh lol, stuff like this is the real reason I'm on this forum. Somebody give issoisso an award.

Excerpted from the link, for you non-clickers (and pinkified for posterity):

"T-Mobile Team morph to T-Rex in the TT"

Thank you, CN and issoisso. Now I will turn of the computer and begin to drink.