Youth CQ Ranking Game 2016

Youth CQ Ranking Game 2016

Hello fellow CN Forumites, welcome to the fourth annual Youth CQ Ranking Manager Game. This game allows you to showcase your knowledge of upcoming youngsters, and hopefully take a gamble on a couple of really young riders.
Originally this game was invented by mc_mountain, based on Hugo Koblet's CQ Ranking Manager Game. This year, I will take over as mc_mountain will be too busy to run it properly.

Your task is to create a team with 12-15 riders at 1000 CQ points to get the best possible return.

1. How the game works

1.1. Duration
The season starts when the first race is held (Australian Road Cycling Championships 7th-10th January 2016) and ends when the last major race (.1 or higher) is held. The winner will be crowned when the next update after the last major race (x.1) is out - submissions can be made to extend the season to include late season smaller races, should there be potential for them to affect the top placings. A victor can be declared earlier if there is no prospect of the leader being overhauled.

1.2. Updates
I will attempt to do an update every 2 weeks, but I am not sure I will be able to. At the very least I will do monthly updates. Another member, search, offered to do an update every now and then. If you would be willing to do an update sometimes too, let me know. If 3 or 4 people, besides me, could do updates, we could work out a schedule in which I post an update at the end of the month, and another member does one halfway through the month.

2. On doping
Hopefully doping will have much less of an impact on this game, but the Main game rules will apply.

3.Submitting your team

3.1. How do I?
You pick between 12 and 15 riders whose combined value doesn’t exceed 1000 points and submit your team to me via PM (either on CN forum or on Velorooms forum). Please be sure to use the naming format as found on and only send me your riders' names, not their scores etc.

3.2. Eligibility
Riders need to fit one of the following two main criteria
i) be a first year professional rider (of any age), be it at World Tour or Professional Continental team.
ii) be riding at Continental level or lower, born in 1991 or younger, without having previously ridden as a professional.

For clarity, riders should not have already ridden a full year as a professional at either World Tour or Professional Continental level – riding as a stagiaire does not prevent selection. Riders who have signed their first pro contract in August (or later), are considered for the purposes of this game as no different from stagiaire riders.
EDIT: For example Loic Vliegen signed with BMC from 1/07 on last year, he isn't eligible.

Players of the game are encouraged to include at least two riders from 1993 or younger who will ride at ProConti level (ie eligible for u23 world champs) or lower and one rider from 1993 or younger who will ride at Continental level or lower (ie will be riding x.2, x.2u, x.NC races).

If you are unsure about the eligibility of a rider, feel free to PM me.

You can submit your team as of right now. The deadline for submission is January 5th, 16:00 CET ( After this deadline, team submissions will no longer be accepted. I will then process the teams, which includes checking eligibility. If I encounter an issue with your team, e.g. you've included the same rider twice, you are over budget or a rider you selected is not eligible, I will contact you via PM and give you the opportunity to correct the mistake before January 6th 23:00 CET. If after this deadline, you haven't yet gotten back to me, or there is still an issue with your team, I will:
i) in case you are over the budget, remove a rider to bring you under the budget. This will be the cheapest available rider on your team who's removal will bring you to or under the budget;
ii) in case you selected too many riders, remove the cheapest available rider from your team;
iii) in case of ineligibility, remove the ineligible rider.

I would like to ask the participants to delay the big reveal of their teams until after the January 6th deadline.
I have sent my personal team to CN Forum and Velorooms members just some guy, after the 2nd deadline he will confirm my team in the spreadsheet is the same as the team I sent to him.
Processed teams below:

1 Florecita
2 Just Some Guy
3 Search
4 Ben1376
5 Comodoro *2013 champion*
6 Slapshot
7 Leadbelly
8 Allobroges
10 LosBrolin
11 hilltopfinisher *2015 champion*
12 mc_mountain
13 Ludwigzgz
14 Axis
15 torcia_86
16 Armchair Cyclist
17 snccdcno
18 GP Blanco
19 rote_lanterne
20 Joelsim
21 del1962
22 Arb
23 Kazistuta
24 the_fool_on_the_hill
25 Trudgin
26 laarsland
27 Ruudz0r
28 abbulf
29 fauniera
30 Jpettersen
31 Nicosix
32 Josedin
33 NotMyCircus
34 al_pacino
35 Hugo Koblet
36 togo95
37 Wallenquist
38 JeroenK
39 Guilherme Ribeiro
40 shawnm4747
41 CraZyCaLL
42 postmanhat
44 Yellow Knight
45 ansimi
46 Roubaix
47 Karaev1
48 Mellow Velo
49 18-Valve
50 skidmark *2014 champion*
So glad you're taking on this game! It's been a fun game to follow and play, even if I didn't have much time in 2015 to participate in discussion etc. I will for sure be submitting a team (once I've gotten through my swamped backlog of main game entries) and so you'll have all the former champs present.
I would of course like to second skidmark's sentiment, its great that this game will continue. It'll be great to see the season develop. It will be interesting to see if Ludwigzgz can convert the success in the Emerging Riders games to a successful Youth Game team.
Great to see the game is on again. Will make a team in time for the dealine. One little thing, if it was to be like previous years the 2 young encouragement-riders should be from 1994 or later, not from 1993 as mentioned. Since its only a encouragement and not a requirement it does not matter too much though.

Armchair cyclist said:
Can I clarify: is a rider who has had two spells as a stagiare eligible? Is the restriction that he has only had 4 months under pro contract, or that he has not had any contract longer than 4 months?
Yes, such a rider is eligible :) the restriction is the latter :)
Thanks a lot for organising this LaFlo!

Seem to have a lot of young 'uns in my main team long list, but I don't think they're going to be given a chance, by me. Think mine will be almost entirely Brits and Scandis
Lots of teams in in the last 2 days, I have processed them all (28) and they are in the 2nd post of this thread. If you've sent in a team and haven't gotten confirmation from me via PM, please check the 2nd post to see if your name is listed, if not, send your team again :p
Just a reminder that tomorrow 16:00 CET is the deadline for team submissions - so 18 hours from now - please refrain from posting your team though as I will probably still have some teams to check and I want to allow these people to still make changes if there is an issue with their team. After January 6th 23:00 CET, all teams should be set in stone and you can reveal your team after that :)
Thanks LaFlo. Have submitted mine.

Mostly riders from the main game long list who didn't make the cut, so no crossovers between the two teams to make it more interesting.

1 - IRL
1 - NZ
2 - ITA
2 - DEN
6 - GBR

And very satisfyingly, exactly 1000 points
Just entered 6 more teams: 4 submitted through CN, 1 through Velorooms and 1 via twitter :eek: we are now at 46 teams, including 2 that still have to be revised. There is little over 4 hours left till the deadline for submission, after that there are still 31 hours for people to make adjustments if necessary, so if you send in your team and get a message back that something is wrong, don't stress, you've still got plenty of time. :)
Just a reminder that although the deadline for submission is in 20 minutes, please refrain from posting your teams as there is a second deadline on January 6th 23:00 CET to allow me to process and double check the teams and to allow people with mistakes in their teams to correct it.
(I feel like I've posted this ten times already :D )
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