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Forum discussion tagged with bauhaus.
  1. Tour of Slovenia 2024, June 12 - 16

    More hot racing this year. Previous to last year, the two editions were won by Pogacar. Then great racing by Filippo Zana to win last year, with Pogacar missing because of the broken wrist. This year Pog is resting after the Giro, so no races before the Tour. But there opens up the competition...
  2. Tour of Slovenia 2023, June 14 - June 18

    More hot racing this year. Last two editions were won by Pogacar. This year because of the broken wrist he will not participate. But that opens the up to some actual competition! Notable GC mentions: Ulissi, Fortunato, Mohoric, Zanna, Wellens Notable sprinters: Groenewegen, Molano, Bauhaus...
  3. Eschborn-Frankfurt 2023, one day classic, May 1

    A race that desspite the climbs is always won by a sprinter. I have no doubt it will be the same this year. Notable riders: Philipsen, De Lie, Kristoff, Matthews, Bennet, Trentin, Hirschi, Bauhaus, Ackermann https://www.procyclingstats.com/race/eschborn-frankfurt/2023/result/overview...