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Forum discussion tagged with gall.
  1. Paris-Nice 2024, March 3-10

    Let the hype begin! It's a showdown between Roglic, in his all new Bora team, and Remco, before their real showdown at the TDF. But there's also a lot of other talent here. Also notable is the TTT of 27 km, where Quickstep will take a lot of time. Notable GC mentions: Evenepoel, Roglic...
  2. Faun-Ardèche Classic & Drôme Classic 2024, February 24-25

    Two classics for the climbers and strongmen. Made one thread only since they're part of the same event and mostly the same competitors. One is for the pure climbers, other is more varied. Faun-Ardèche Classic Notable mentions: Hirschi, Skjelmose, Gall, Madous, Ayuso, Woods, Bardet, Ion...
  3. Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol 2024, Spain, February 14-18

    Same timeframe as the Algarve race in Portugal. But it's in Spain! Last year it was Pogacar who won it, so who will it be this year? Notable riders: Gall, Buitrago, Ayuso, Caruso, Wllens, Poels, Haig https://www.procyclingstats.com/race/ruta-del-sol/2024 http://vueltaandalucia.es/ Live...