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    GC Power Ranking

    I doubt this will work, but this is my effort to consolidate discussion about relative strength and ranking of GC riders so that it doesn’t take over the Remco thread then move to the Vingegaard thread then pop into Roglic, etc. This is about stage races, not classics. Obviously, this will be a...
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    Teams & Riders The Big 6

    The overwhelming narrative of the mens 2023 Road season so far has been the utter dominance of the big 6 riders reigning supreme over the mere mortals like a modern day set of Greek Gods. I can’t think of any occasion this season where another rider has won a race (GC or 1 day classic)...
  3. UAE Tour 2021, February 21 - February 27

    The one and only world tour race in the Middle East. Hot racing in the sand! New feature is the addition of an ITT. Notable GC mentions: Tadej Pogacar, Almeida, Nibali, Valverde, Adam Yates (in his new INEOS colors), Sepp Kuss and of course Froome (in his new ISN colors) Notable sprinters...