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«Tour of Cyprus 2010»

Dec 14, 2009
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«Tour of Cyprus 2010»

The “Tour of Cyprus” (ToC), is a large scale international cyclosportive event in the Republic of Cyprus. ToC
is a multi stage endurance event and is open to elite, amateurs and cyclosportive riders.
“Tour of Cyprus 2010” is aiming apart from local participations to encourage international cyclists to live their
passion outside of their country and enable them to discover new horizons, in terms of both sport and culture.
The first ToC was staged in 2005 when a group of local cycling enthusiasts organized a three-day, 350 km ride
on the island. In 2006, the event became part of the annual calendar of Podilatokinisi, the oldest and largest
bicycling organization in the Republic of Cyprus. As of 2009, more than 50 local cyclists participated in a fiveday
event of 570 km. The 2009 ToC took place under the auspices of the Ministry of Communication and
Works. The Cyprus police, the Cyprus Tourism Organization and a number of municipalities also provided
support to the 2009 ToC.
“Tour of Cyprus 2010” will take place between 25-28 March and will be open to international participants –
ToC organizers hope to secure the participation of 200 cyclists for the event. There will be two groups of
cyclists. Group A elite riders will complete a tour of approximately 400 km with certain time taking sections
that the cyclists can compete for a yellow or green or red jersey and prizes. Group 2 and/or amateur riders will
do the same routes at easy pace without time taking sections and they will have the option to complete as many
ToC stages as they wish. They can get on the broom bus at any time to rest and continue later at any time.
Each stage takes riders through the beautiful landscape of the Republic of Cyprus, with sections of the stages
climbing into the Troodos Massif and along a number of coastal routes. There are also sections of the Tour that
include rides through major cities and picturesque villages. The entire ride will be fully-supported.
Early registration, team and charity sponsorships possible. Please visit the web site http://www.tourofcyprus.com
where you may find detailed information about the Tour.