10 11 speed chainrings

Mar 23, 2019
hi I have a Full 10 speed tiagra 4700 groupset with fsa crankset. On my. Bike 50/34. I bought a 52/36 10 speed tiagra crankset for more top end. Waiting to go on My Question is I have a 39 tooth 11 speed 105 innerRing also. Would that be compatible with the 10 speed tiagra 52 tooth? I like a big inner ring. Or will I have to get a 10 speed 38 tooth innerRing? Or keep with a 36? Any body mixed these before? I couldn’t get a 10 speed 53-39 and didn’t want to upgrade my whole groupset just to go 11 speed.
As long as it’s the same BCD, yes you can run an 11 speed ring on your 10 speed crank set up. You can run a full 11 speed crank set up when the rest of the drivechain is 10 speed, it’s what I currently have on my road bike.
Jun 20, 2020
On campag 11sp rings are 0.4mm closer together because of the narrower chain that's used. But internal width of 10 & 11spd chains is identical so you'll not "strain" you 11sp chain in any way - BUT if you have a full 11sp setup then the mechs will be narrower that 10sp ones, so you'll probably get more chain rub using a 10sp chain.
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