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2009 Worlds Canberra

Jun 16, 2009
Thought someone better start the discussion, who's hot and who's not for Canberra.

Men's XCO:
No Naf.
Can Paulisen deliver the double or did he leave it all in Austria?
Will Sauser take home the stripes again or will he let someone else get to wear a pretty jersey?

Women's XCO:
Will we see a Chinese WC, or may be a Russian? Or will Fullana defend her title?

Men's DH and 4X:
Can the Aussies give the home crowd something to cheer about (assuming we are doomed in the XCO)?

Women's DH and 4X:
No defending champ so will we see a new face on the top step or an old hand?

Jun 3, 2009
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I would like to know if people think the course is good. How does it compare to other Worlds?

I know a couple of people well who are putting a lot of work into this event (at great personal cost) with many others doing the same, no doubt.

I haven"t ridden there for a couple of years so I'm sure it is much better now but it still a little sad the trees haven't grown more.
Mar 10, 2009
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Women's: Catharine Pendrel. She's due and has been riding very well lately.

Men's: who knows, but I like Kabush (yeah, I'm a biased Canadian, so what?). He ripped it up in the relay with the fastest lap time, maybe he's peaking at the right time.
Jul 4, 2009
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I got to watch live on freecaster.tv ~~ dvd now available from them..best DH commentator ever Rob Warner...
Poms rubbished the DH course...was not really up to DH standards I agree..
The XC racing was torrid and with great camera coverage...thanks freecaster....