2010 WADA Statistics

FYI, some information that may be of interest to some. These are links to PDF's.

In 2010, cycling had 21,427 WADA samples with 254 Adverse Analytical Findings, (a positive, pre TUE, pre UCI suppression) and 359 atypical findings pre-UCI suppression/TUE. Atypical meaning some kind of abnormal variation in their bio-passport profile.

There is probably more that can be teased out of the raw data. However, I'm not great with numbers, so if there's anything of interest, please chime in.


This next one is a little frustrating because the UCI is not listed as a 2010 "Anti-Doping Organization." (ADO) Page 2 of this report lists AAF's by national anti-doping organization. Notice on page 3, Hein's SportAccord business is already generating positives.


For those new to anti-doping, it's important to understand that there is a very heavy testing bias to suppress false-positives. So, the AAF's generated by a WADA lab are strong cases.