2012 Tour de Vendee (10/14, FRA, 1.HC)

SetonHallPirate said:
Not at all. Bit of an old favourite, this.
La Roche sur Yon town circuit finish, with an uphill drag to the line.
Not long, not steep, but testing.
Map and technical info here:
A few years back, Pavel Brutt won solo and promptly threw up over the finish line.
Big effort.

Better yet, it's live on both France 3 Bretagne and Eurosport France.
A good chunk of the race on the former, 75 minutes after girlie tennis on the latter.
Whether or not some bright spark comes up with a live feed, remains to be seen.
Not the strongest team to support defending champ Marcato with 3 neo pros/ staigares- though he does have Westra.

I shall say Voeckler, Fedrigo, Sicard ( hopefully ), Hivert and Dumoulin have good chances as well.
Aug 21, 2011
SetonHallPirate said:
The Vendee is one of those strange places - generally pan flat on the coast but very lumpy inland, where the race takes place, with some very steep, albeit short hills. I have done quite a bit of riding in the area and would say that the majority of riding is up or down without flat in between. The road surfaces are also generally that leg sapping course stuff the French seem to be fond of.
May 28, 2012
Wesley Kreder wins:

1 W Kreder, 2 Hivert , 3 Hinault, 4 Fonseca, 5 Vaugrenard, 6 Pichon, 7 Dumoulin, 8 Marcato, 9 Lietaer ,10 Haddou
Dec 30, 2011
Marcato supposedly had a mechanical towards the end.

Whilst Kreder went away solo from a select group including Hivert and Voeckler..
Seems Voeckler blew towards the end