2013 Tour of Qatar (3rd-8th February), 2.HC

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Sep 9, 2009
spalco said:
Close this time for Cavendish, but good final push at the end. Looked like he was losing for a while.
Yep overhead showed it well; managed to push again and was starting to move away again by the end.

You could see live from the side on camera he was easing in to it rather than kicking when he started his sprint, bit odd.
Feb 4, 2011
1º Mark Cavendish
2º Hutarovich
3º Kruopis
4º Blythe
5º Rowe
6º Degenkolb
7º Kristoff
8º Bouhanni
9º Haussler
10º Kluge
Apparently EBH was at one point in the last of 5 echolons and had to bridge the gaps more or less by himself, which is why he didn't sprint today.

Lol, seems like he'll never ever learn how to ride in the cross winds. It's remarkable how often he finds himself at the back of the peloton when the crosswinds starts, which is fascinating as he's normally a guy who rides in the front end of the field. Apart from when there is cross winds, apparently, at which point he decides to chill out at the back :rolleyes:
Cavendish is on a league apart. Right now only Greipel and his super train can pose some kind of serious threat. And he also seems to be enjoying his time at Quickstep; Boonen seemed happy for him too. Looking good for Quickstep and Cav will get his 25 wins this year; lots of stages in lot of random stage races. Go Cav!
Yes Cavendish has won their is 1/25 bet365 or 1.05-1.10 on betfair that he wins, hes as good as, OPQS are too strong have protected him so well. Silly sky and their focus on Wiggins and Froome, cavendish really gives his team their moneys worth the team owner loving all these wins, when bonnen hit form OPQS could have huge season.

Stage 6 bets for me are up but I will have to update later as only 3 books had any prices.

The course goes north for most od day so unlikely see much trouble with the winds maybe light cross winds.
Betting against Cav today wouldn't be a horrible idea.

The overall is his, it's early in the season and OPQS won't want him injured, he may just sit up if things get a bit hairy or settle for a minor place.

I still think he'll win it, just there's a better chance today someone like Guardini might sneak it from him.