2013 Tour of Romandie, Stage 5: Genève - Genève 18 Km

2013 Tour of Romandie, Stage 5: Genève - Genève 18 Km

It says a lot about romandie when no one bothered to make race threads all week long :eek:

anyway short flay time trial to decided the last place on the podium as the first 2 already have been decided.

Imo kelderman takes it.
Aug 16, 2011
Been a pretty boring Romandie GC-wise this year. At least we have the Giro to look forward to.
Jun 6, 2012
Wind speed is forecasted to increase during the day and there is a (small) risk of showers later.

Significant differences in riding conditions could cause an upset from early starters, e.g. Tuft, Turbo or even Rohan.
Jul 29, 2012
wwabbit said:
Possibly... except that Froome also put in effort yesterday...
Effort? Did he suffer? :(

Normally Martin takes this unless the alien does it again.
Watching Froome ride is an assault on the senses. He looks like he is trying to breed with the bike but when he disappears up the road I suppose it's all in the results. The constant looking down is weird too but of course that has it's purpose as well. When he is riding next to a smooth, stylish rider, the differences are even more pronounced. At the moment "ugly" looks like it might prevail at the Tour unless Contador can get back to his near best.