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2021 World Championships in Flanders: Road Races

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Antonio Morgado is a really interesting first year junior, someone should get him and his fellow first year junior Goncalo Tavares out of Portugal asap!

I read some rumours about a possible interest of a top junior team for next year for Morgado.

He practically dominated the races he did in Spain (not gonna talk about the local portuguese races because he was undoubtly the strongest this years). And I believe this course wouldn't suit him as good as a more climber oriented route.
So normally about now we talk about the junior race isn't always/ever a good indicator for the Elite races...


This doesn't look like a course you can chase on easily. I think it'll be difficult for anyone to control and I'm leaning towards teams with multiple leaders being better placed now.

Caveat that with a couple of the teams are ridiculously strong and now that I've typed the above, we'll probably see a strangled race with a reduced bunch sprint.
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