2021 World Championships in Flanders - Time Trials

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Hey, @Armchair cyclist, just thought a bit about your example earlier; wouldn't it make more sense to say it was like a football match where the first half was played by the men's team, and the second by the women's team? After all; unlike with football and icehockey, we're still talking about the same sport. And unlike with cycling, I don't think football players usually train together across the sexes.

But, yeah. two seperate TTTs with, say, four riders per team would be nice. Would also mean more events, with would mean more cycling for me to watch! :D
Crike, UCI cannot even manage a womens under 23 race yet.
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I might have been too hard on the Suisse here, but the team just looks a little unbalanced with Schmid and Nicole Koller, who's a MTB/CX rider, who's never even ridden a pro time trial.
in the post race interview, Küng said that he organized a time trial bike for her from Groupama. Pretty good performance in the end, considering that she probably didn't get much training in at all.
What about a race on a 10-15 km circuit with one or two climbs, but with a mass start instead of individual start times for each country. Then each rider of the four (or six) does one lap. Then it would be like in all the other endurance sports.

I'm actually quite hot on that idea, that would be a much more intriguing spectacle than what we saw today.

A flat course will of course not work for this to make sense because the first laps would not have any importance to the outcome.
Sounds more like it belongs in the criterium championships but it does sound fun