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Vuelta a España 2022 Vuelta route rumors

There's very little, and the Vuelta has had very limited route leaks in recent years.

First stages in Spain will be in the North and the final week is rumoured to be in Andalucía, including a final mountain stage around Granada.

There are two bids for MTFs in the North:
Collau Fancuaya in Asturias
The road goes on a slight descent for 2km more to a cave that local and regional authorities may want to promote as a tourist attraction.

Pico Jano in Cantabria
View: https://twitter.com/BorjaCuadrado/status/1432737515522433025

Pico Jano is actually almost 1300m asl. The paved road climbs up to a reservoir at 840m asl but there's an unpaved road climbing to another reservoir at 1150m asl. We'll see what they actually do, but the twit says that this stage was announced by the President of the Regional Government in an interview last week.

Then, there's also the complaint from the major of Riosa about the lack of fans in Angliru last year, so they want their stage back next year.

The trip to the South will include a stage in Extremadura.

More rumours from the interwebs: Guillén was guest commentator of the TDF last stage (that I didn't watch) in TVE and said he had visited Serra da Estrela in Portugal and he liked it. Alto da Torre anyone?

He also said no Ancares in 2022. I'm still awating the yearly rumour of Canary Islands in 2 or 3 years.
Alto da Torre would be great fun, and finally give us a chance to test the wattages against the Portuguese machines. If no Angliru, Fancuayu would be best after Cobertoria east, San Lorenzo east and La Colledoria west imo. If there is Angliru we'd already have been real close to there and possibly even used Cobertoria West heading into Angliru so it would be too repetitious and they might need something more like that 39x28 stage that goes over Bustellán (a climb that is ripe for discovery, if they can chain that with Peñas del Viento and then head toward La Colledoria or San Lorenzo west/Marabio south that would be a worthy queen stage). A stage around Granada screams Hazallanas to me, although Hazallanas with a descent finish (or descending through Monachil to climb to Cumbres Verdes) would perhaps be best of all as a final mountain stage.

I've always been a bit surprised Guillén hasn't gone to Atarfe to climb to Los Tres Juanes when he's around Granada too.

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sheesh, even for Vuelta these are some random places.

If the last week will be in Andalucia... i wonder if places like Cerro del Moro (Mijas) or Hoya del Portillo (last kms on good quality sterrato) in Capileira may be possible.

He also said no Ancares in 2022. I'm still awating the yearly rumour of Canary Islands in 2 or 3 years.

I doubt if Canaries will be within the next decade. However, i may suggest Mallorca as a potential Vuelta start within next 5 years mainly thanks to Enric Mas - prologue, sprint stage with Arta en route and a hilly stage in Tramuntanya before transfering to Valencia or Barcelona.
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Unipublic let a good paying customer/politician to boast some rumours about a stage finish and departure at a random place with no race-relevant features around and the announcement was made somewhere else.

Sorry for the disappointment.
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This week's rumours digest:

We start with a negative rumour: no Andorra
I guess no Pyrenees at all, but that's my own take.

Possible stage finish at Piornal, in Extremadura. That's a modest cat2 climb (though uprised to cat1) used in 2004 and 2006 on the way to La Covatilla. They can do Honduras W followed by Piornal W, and/or add some loops with lesser climbs around Piornal. But those are all 5-6% climbs. Not very impressive. Wait... are these good for Remco?
From Guillen's mouth, stages in Extremadura are almost sure: "maybe yes, maybe not, I'd bet yes".

More from Guillén. He's had his yearly autumn holidays in the Canary Islands. this time in company of Cipollini, to witness and promote an open amateur race in Gran Canaria, praise the island as a cycling paradise and replay his usual yada, yada of taking the Vuelta there,.
To me the associations between cycling and the major Canary Islands are Tenerife = Teide altitude camp; Gran Canaria = Eufemiano's homeland. I wonder why a sprinter like Cipo says he has fond memories of his visits to the second one.

Pico Jano in Cantabria confirmed as stage finish:
They'll pave the road up to the upper reservoir, making it a climb of 800m drop. The stage is said to include more climbs, but I don't know of any as hard as the final one close enough to be relevant. There's the possibility of a loop including the first 8km of that last climb followed by 8km flat and 8km downhill back to the start of the climb.


Finally, the rumour of Fancuaya in Asturias is heating up.
The article mentions road improvement works in the nearby Puerto de Marabio. This opens the possibility of linking San Lorenzo W, Marabio S and Fancuaya with barely any flat... in the valleys.

S Lorenzo W

Marabio S