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73rd Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne: 28 February, 2021

One day after the Omloop it's time for its little brother KBK. In spite of its name they won't pass through Brussels this year. No spectators are allowed at the start, finish, hills and cobbled zones. The Eikenmolen will be replaced by Tiegemberg and Boembeek. There will be one local lap in Kuurne. The finish is expected around 16.30h after 197 km.

  1. Tiegemberg (179 km) [1000 m; 5.6%]
  2. Volkegemberg (162 km) [1000 m; 5%]
  3. Boembeek (140 km) [1100 m; 4.8%]
  4. Bossenaarstraat (124 km) [1300 m; 5.6%]
  5. Mont Saint-Laurent (107 km) [1300 m; 7.8%]
  6. La Houppe (93 km) [1880 m; 4.8%]
  7. Kanarieberg (87 km) [1000 m; 7.7%]
  8. Kruisberg (80 km) [1800 m; 4.8%]
  9. Hotond (78 km) [2700 m; 3.1%]
  10. Knokteberg (70 km) [1260 m; 7%]
  11. Oude Kwaremont (60 km) [2200 m; 4%]
  12. Kluisberg (54 km) [1100 m; 6%]
Recent winners:
2011 Chris Sutton
2012 Mark Cavendish
2013 (cancelled)
2014 Tom Boonen
2015 Mark Cavendish
2016 Jasper Stuyven
2017 Peter Sagan
2018 Dylan Groenewegen
2019 Bob Jungels
2020 Kasper Asgreen
2021 ???

Tom Boonen will remain the record holder with three wins.
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After today's bunch sprint I think we deserve to see MVDP tearing the race up with 80km to go.

We might be setting ourselves up for disappointment cause according to himself he’s merely there to assist Merlier. Though I remember him saying something similar about Philipsen in the UAE tour.

The guy just can’t help himself, he’s a true born racer. Which is why RR seems to be his least favorite discipline. XCO and CX you are directly in the heat of it. No 150+ kms before the fireworks start. To each their own I guess.

He did skip Omloop cause it’s the harder race, so I don’t know how realistic it is to expect him to blow KBK to bits tomorrow. I hope he does of course.
It's race day