A challenge for weight weenies

Mar 13, 2009
So here is the challenge, build a complete bike to 6.8kg and post your build. Cheapest wins.
The rules.
Start point is manufacturers published complete bike weight.
If a frame weight is used an arbitrary value of stuff must be added. Will work it out later.
Only advertised prices can be used.
Parts can be subbed one for one at lowest found advertised price.
Pedals and bottle cages to be included.

Well there's a start lets see what we can do.

why? just tired of seeing dream builds you can't enter in a race without an anchor.
Jul 27, 2009
Hmmm. What components am I missing from this list?

Frame, fork, headset, stem, bars, bartape, groupset (shifters, brakes, crank, bottom bracket, derailleurs , cassette, chain), cables, wheels (I'll assume tubular if we're being weight weenies), tyres, glue, seatpost, seatpost clamp, saddle.

Does anybody have a weight estimate for a) tubular glue, and b) a full cable set?

Oh, and ****** all that. I win already.