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A separation of the Climbers Jersey

Jul 13, 2010
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Does anybody else think that maybe there is a case for separating the Polka Dot Jersey.

What I would propose is that there be one jersey for the points gathered in what would be classified as "hills" those climbs that are categories 4 through 2, and then another for those that would be classified as "mountains" the category 1's and the outside category climbs.

I think this would create a lot more excitement around some of the big mountain stages that do not look like creating any kind of a gap in the GC, some big riders who are slightly out of the GC (I.E a Basso or a Sastre) could still have a jersey to chase and it could create a few more attacks and accelerations near the summit of those big climbs.

We would also still see the race for the "hills" jersey, as some of the smaller and likely the french teams would go after this to get the extra exposure, especially on the early and the transition stages. It could also give some Ardennes classics riders a jersey to chase in the grand-tours, someone like a Chavanel could chase the "hills" jersey, or as we have seen this year someone lime Pineau.

Now I realize this is unlikely to ever happen, but it is something that I think would be good for the sport, anybody else agree?
Jul 7, 2010
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I'm not sure if separation is the way to fix it. Points earned on the lower cat climbs are pretty worthless once you get to Hors climbs...

But there needs to be something done. The problem at the moment, is that riders will sprint ahead, stay in a break away for half a mountain stage, get half the points, then go out the back. They climb the mountain half as quick as the peleton, but were 10mins ahead at the start of it.

So the polka dirt jersey has almost become the red number!

What I would suggest, is giving points further back. So for the top 20 riders, not the top 10. This would mean there is still points for the front of the peleton. This coupled with the good rule that they brough in, in 04, that Mountain top finishes, have double points, would help bring some relevance back to the jersey.

To be honest though, riders earn more prize money from finishing top 5 in GC, then they do by winning the polka dot. So it would be hard to sway riders to ruin their GC chances, by chasing the spots for less money!