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Aero bike - new road cyclist?

Aug 4, 2022
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I have an option of getting Scott foil 2018. That said I am an mountain biker only getting in to road cycling.

I am not getting endurance bike, period :) I was looking at light/race bikes but stumbled on Foil. How much is Foil different in postion/comfort compared to example tarmac sl? (I read that year foil is quite comfortable for aero bike)
According to the internet, the Scott is more designed with long-distance comfort, while the Tarmac is all about racing and its aggressive racing geometry may not be as comfortable on a long ride.

Other than that, they're both great bikes, you should ride both to find out which one you like, although on a short test ride comfort won't come into play very much.
For use by a beginner recreational road cyclist, I recommend a regular 'road bike' that has comfort and reliability. That type of bike would likely be useful for most riding situation, be enjoyable, and be good for exercise. A true aero bike could be tricky to handle on windy days (due to wide aero wheels), and might be less comfortable.
If you're a new cyclist, I'd recommend getting (1) something that will motivate you to ride, and (2) something comfortable.
Plenty of options that meet 1 and 2. If you can get a deal on Time, BMC roadmachine, etc. those are nice options, for example. But lots and lots more out there.