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Alexi Grewal pedaling for mayor

Jul 21, 2009
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Alpe d'Huez said:
Well, he had a reputation of being a contemptuous, petulant jerk much of the time in his racing days, but my understanding is that he's mellowed quite a bit with age.

I'm going to guess about 60,000 people in Loveland? It's south of Ft. Collins, and the gateway to Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park.

The article linked there written by him about his dark times is a good one. Here it is for those who missed. it.

I saw him race once in a criterium in Boulder. I can still remember him screaming at all the other riders like a maniac. He was cross the whole damn race. I mean he was practically seething. I hope he's mellowed out or those Loveland folks are really in for it.
Jun 19, 2009
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Mellow Grewal

Like everyone...he's mellowed with a better diet than he had as a racer. He was not enjoyable company then and his DS was not any more fun. Most of the Coors team were as agitated as pumped up gym rats. Some were nice enough guys.
Jun 16, 2009
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Back in the mid 80's i was doing some altitude training in Mammoth CA, I had about 4 miles left to climb when i come up on this guy on a mountain bike on the road, i swing out to pass him and he takes off. Then about a half mile later i come up on him again and he takes off like an idiot. This just went on and on, i wanted to yell at him about his pacing but i was pretty embarrased that some guy on a mountain bike could out climb me on the road.
Finally as we get up to the lodge at like 8800 ft i catch him, i feel like my lungs are going to explode he turns around and smiles this big grin
its Alexi
then he says some stupid thing about wanting to push me so i would know how to suffer and all i could think of was FOCK U
glad to hear he has changed
Great story there Runningboy. Absolutely love Mammoth Lakes. What a great place to ride a bike (once you're really fit!). Spectacular scenery, and some awesome climbs. Ever ride the "Old Mammoth Road" up to the lakes? That last long push of 12% or so to where it intersects with the main road is brutal.

I'm sure you've also ridden over Minaret Summit down to Devil's Postpile and back up. What a great descent, and climb.

I wish I were there right now (and 10 years younger and 20lbs lighter!) :)