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Andre Greipel

So how fast is he? He certainly seems to win a really large % of the races he does when Columbia is working for him. Does he belong in the group of top guys w/ Boonen, Cav, Friere, Petacchi, etc...? Over the last two seasons he has more wins than any rider save Cavendish yet he doesn't seem to come up when people are discussing the top sprinters.

Perhaps it's because many of his wins haven't been in the biggest races but Columbia seems to usually have he and Cav on different schedules and Cav gets the biggies. Consequently, we don't actually get a chance to see as much as a him all

He picked up another 3 wins this week in Ster Elektrotoer, dominating fellow sprinters Boonen, Davis, Hunter, Napolitano, and Graeme Brown.

It would be hard to leave a team where he's been so successful and has such terrific support, but at some point do you think he might want to have a shot at being "the guy" at the big races? At 26, he should be around for quite awhile.

I'm also curious to see if he's selected for his 1st TdF and they use he and Cav the way they did in last year's Giro.
Apr 29, 2009
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He looks pretty damn fast to me. If you can outkick Boonen so easily is says a lot. Columbia is silly stacked.

It's strange to look at Greipel, who is an absolute muscle bound beast, and Cavendish, who by pro cycling terms looks podgy and has no muscle definition whatsoever, and think that they both do the same thing - sprint.

Actually I've always been a bit bemused at Cavendish's physique, he looks almost fat compared to every other rider in the peloton who achieve nowhere near the results he has managed.
Mar 13, 2009
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There are quite a few really good sprinters out there supporting the great sprinters. At columbia, eisel, renshaw, griepel. I think Griepel is a touch above the others, but on a lesser team any of these guys could win races. Indeed in the absence of the top sprint dog, the lieutenant often does. For good money number 2 to the best may not be a bad option, for a little while.

My doubt is he has always been at the smaller races. He hasn't proved himself at a major tour with the big boys in peak form, even as number 2, but has taken them at smaller races. Picking the sprinters for columbia for the tour could prove a head ache. I think griepel is the number 2 and could provide a great support, but maybe cav prefers another lead out from eisel or renshaw? Not a bad headache to have.