Androni Giocattoli-Venezuela ad two riders to the Team

Jan 26, 2011
Press release:

Artemio Leonett, President of the Cycling Federation, and Gianni Savio coach of the National Selection, presented at the site of the Olympic Committee of Caracas, the new program for the enhancement of cycling Venezuelan internationally.

The agreement signed in relation to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, provides for the creation of a structure in Europe for young people under 23 and connected to the Italian-Venezuelan professional team.

A project not only for the enhancement of young people but also to the training of qualified personnel in the Caribbean country.

Two goals this season for the Venezuelan national: the world of Florence in September, and the Bolivarian Games in Lima in November. The onset of the Venezuelan National in Europe will take place in France at the Tour de Bretagne in April.

In the organic Androni Venezuela will be included young people and Sebastian Anaya Yonder Godoy.

In the photo with the president Artemio Leonett and Commissioner Technical Gianni Savio, are portraits of the five athletes Venezuelans Tomas Gil, Carlos Ochoa, Jackson Rodriguez, Sebastian Anaya and Yonder Godoy. (you can see the photo on )

Nice news indeed!!
Mar 31, 2010
I read a few days ago. godoy has come out of nowhere. only 19 years old, bit allround classicla type I think. anaya is a climber, born in bucaramanga santander but nationalized venezuelan like many colombians have done. he rode valle aosta last year too I think? he's very good talent