Another tragedy

Jul 23, 2009
Another tragic vehicle vs cyclists collision claims lives. Being triathletes and affiliated to a cycling club, they were most likely well versed in safe cycling and road etiquette. My condolences to their families and to club Cycle Beausoleil.

The Google street view photo and the attached video show that the road has two eastbound lanes and nothing to restrict visibility. Six bikes were taken down in this collision. A mistake by a cyclist is not likely to result in a whole pack being struck. Makes me wonder if this was a case of distracted driving, ie phone call or text. Or God forbid another case of drunk driving or road rage vs cyclists.

EDIT: The investigators said that alcohol was not a factor and the driver stopped and provided 1st Aid, so at least this appears to be more accidental than criminal.
Sep 11, 2009
Police said Alcohol was not a factor, the driver who struck them did stick around after the accident as well. Ive heard so far that 3 died and 3 are in hospital expected to recover.