Are there any Masters Teams in London..?

Dec 8, 2009
Hi, 45+ Cat 3 Racer from NJ here.

I race Masters events in the North Eastern USA and expect to move to London shortly.

Can anyone direct me to the biggest and baddest team in London..?

I would love to join up.

May 12, 2009
Best bet is to search on NY Escort the below link for teams in London and ask them direct, or look at their websites if they NY Escorts have one.Best bet is to search on the below link for teams in London and ask them NY Asian Escorts direct, or look at their websites if they have one.Best bet is to NY Asian Escort
search on the below link for teams in London and ask them direct, or look at their websites if they have one.
Dec 2, 2009
it probably depends whereabouts in London you expect to live - getting out for training rides with clubmates will be a key factor and if you live in south London but join a club based in north London you will rarely get together.

If you want to choose your location based on cyling, then I would recommend living near Richmond Park (eg areas such as Wimbledon, Sheen, Barnes, Kingston, Richmond, etc). Richmond Park is a mecca for London cyclists and provides a great training venue for those times when you cannot get out into the Surrey hills. Plus, when you do have a bit more time, living in south west London makes it easy to get into the Surrey hills (a great training and general riding area). The Surrey League is an active racing scene.

The dominant clubs in the area are Kingston Wheelers and London Dynamo. Both are good, but Kingston Wheelers have a reputation for being more friendly. London Dynamo are a bit of a victim of their own success as they are a huge club and some of their members seem to just join up to be able to pose around in the kit on expensive bikes. But the core of the club is probably just as friendly and inclusive as any other club. Both clubs have a mix of social riders and racers of all ages/categories.

I would chek out both websites and maybe hook up with a few training rides and see which one you fancy.

There are plenty of other clubs in south London - Paragon, Addiscombe, etc. but the above two are possibly the most high profile.

North London may as well be the moon to me.
Mar 31, 2009
If you want to race you have 2 choices - British Cycling or LVRC - they run separate programmes of races. Whilst the BC races may have age categories, you race with all age groups whereas in LVRC, these are solely for 40+ and generally there are 3 race distances for each event e.g. 40-49: 50 miles, 50-59: 1 lap less, 60+ 2 laps less - depending on the course. As well as BC, check out these links:
I'd strongly suggest your choice of club is determined where you are living or planning to ride.
Nov 8, 2009
Dulwich Paragon do indeed have a nice kit, and they compete in a lot of the races in the south, so would be worth checking them out if you're moving to south London
Feb 14, 2010
Hi, you might also want to have a look at London Phoenix(, good also if you are around Regents Park and North London. Just relocated here myself and find Regents Park great for cycling, and the shorter commute to the City...