Article on Blanka Kata Vas

Her name is Blanka Kata Vas, not Kata Blanka Vas. She has explained the confusion and they finally started getting it right last cyclocross season. the issue was even discussed several times during GCN broadcasts. Again, her family name is Vas and her name is Blanka Kata, but you can just call her Blanka. Calling her Kata Blanka is incorrect, but that is how you guys have it in your article. If you've quoted correctly, even SD Worx got it wrong with their press release but please do your own research and you'll find Blanka Kata Vas is correct.

Her Instagram:
It's that Hungarian is a family name first language (like Chinese), so it's Vas Kata Blanka in the local press.
Western press could cope with moving the family name to the end, but reversing the lot was apparently too complex.

If in doubt, have a look at the subject's social media accounts.