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Bart Wellens Retiring

According to the website of this forum, the former world champion Bart Wellens. Apparently it was quite surprising that he was retiring, but he said that 'his age and body have siad its time to stop'.

More in the link below:

On a separate note, are Bart and Tim Wellens related or is it just a popular surname in Belgium like Smith or Jones is in the UK?
Nope they aren't related. Wellens is indeed a very widespread name in Belgium, even in the French-speaking part. ;) Tim is a Limburger (his uncle was a very good rider in the seventies) and Bart, an Antwerper.

Good riddance, I'd say. Oh well, not for Aernouts for he's a nice guy. But I can't stand Wellens B.

So Nys announced his retirement for next year with his jubilee, already planned.