BCF Hall of fame

Dec 17, 2009
I have just read the BCF plans to induct the first 50 names into their hall of fame. What a farce! With respect to Chris Hoy, where is Great Britain's greatest ever sprint champion - Reg Harris ? His statue graces the entrance to Manchester Velodrome, but he's not good enough for your Hall of Fame ?
What a slap in the face to the former BLRC and founder Percy Stallard. What about the REAL racers such as Ian Steel, Bob Maitland, Dave Bedwell, Billy Holmes, Ron Coe et. al. instead of all the unknowns and hangers-on who are included in the 50 names. The BCF should hang its head in shame!
Jun 3, 2009
If i remeber rightly, you did have a chance to nominate yourselves.

With regards to Hoy, the only reason he's not there is because he's not a retired pro.
Still we will see more, the bunch here are only the first 50.
Aug 4, 2009
What about the old time Vickings then there is Brian Robinson and Stan Britain. just to name a few. It looks like some one older than me out there with long memory.
What happened to Ken Mathews he done heaps for cycling on Mersyside.
How about reading the criteria for selection before having a breakdown.

The HoF recognises achievements over THE PAST 50 YEARS. Anyone whose achievements were MORE THAN 50 YEARS ago will not quality.

Personally I can't believe that Armstrong isn't in it, he won the tour 7 times apparently.:confused:
Apr 20, 2009
B.c.f.hall of fame

I was chatting with Colin Lewis just today via telephone and asked him the reason for his omission from the list,,,

He wasn't too disturbed but thought maybe he was from the wrong end of Britain, I mentioned Brian Jolly also and then the emotions began to flow..

For anyone not from that era, those two names probably don't mean much, these, along with a host of others were really the back-bone of English racing ( including the Tour de France, Olympics and World Champs ) for about a decade..They were post Simpson, but pre Sid Barras, Keith Lambert et all.

It would be great to mention ALL the past stars incuding the great Walter Fowler ( just died ) Mary and Les Dawson, still active since the late '40's , ancient but still performing....I could reel off loads of names but space is paramount....thank you all and have a great New Year...COLIN LAING