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Best comebacks

With gaspsrottos win and With the thread about the biggest upsets I think the level below deserves its own thread, the biggest comeback. Ofcourse the selection criteria and views are going to be wide, does injury count, out of form, age, even clinic. My cycling knowledge is limited compared to you guys hence the thread. In my short experience of cycling Evans gets a small vote, his age plus two years of GT failures to come out in the 2011 season and win almost everything he raced was amazing. Gasparotto as well was a decent comeback.

Bye Bye Bicycle said:
Do we judge the quality of the comebacker's racing or do we debate about the enormity of the comeback?

Anyway, it's Vitor Gamito for me.
Well I guess I was trying to achieve the difference In the upset thread. A say cunego with huge early results and then this year magically coming third in the Giro. Other posters though hsve opened my eyes to even a weeks difference with Landa. Even a stage could be counted like Pantani ventoux 2000 or froome veulta
Charly Gaul, 1958 Tour de France, surely there can be nothing comparable..... Angry that he was attacked the previous day while suffering a mechanical he vowed revenge on everyone who attacked. He was so angry that before the stage he told the peloton when and where he would attack and laid the gauntlet down for anyone to try and stop him. He was over 15min down and no longer considered a challenger for the overall. He set a relentless pace on the front of the pack and over four mountain summits proceeded to drop everyone bar Bahamontes. The weather was so sever and snow so heavy that one of the riders who tried to stay with him gave up, got off his bike and burst into tears. Eventually he was alone and even though the moto's and many riders had to abandon he finished and finished nearly 10min ahead of the next placed rider. He made up the 15min on the race leader and went on to win the tour three days later.
Comebacks in what sense?

After all, post-injury comebacks could include Jalabert. Post-suspension comebacks could include Valverde. Single-stage comebacks could include Landis, comebacks within those stages could include Savoldelli, Stephen Roche and even Cipo at Gent-Wevelgem.

I vote for Wolfgang Lötzsch in the 80s :)