Best Ever Cycling Fights

El Imbatido said:
Ok, so best ever fights/puches/kicks/whatever in races at spectators/riders/whoever. I'll start:

Don't know when this was but:

Edit: Ok, maybe that title wasn't the best choice, i don't actually condone fighting. Just wanted to put that out there.

That was the 95 Vuelta I think, the Carrera rider was Leonardo Sierra, Venezuela and I think the Banesto rider was Ramon Gonzalez Arrieta, not 100% sure.

This is one of the most famous fights, Blijlevens v Julich another, there have been plenty of punches thrown in races but ver few actual fights.

Hinault v Protesters
Cipollini v Francisco Cerezo
Wladamir Belli v Simoni fan
Mar 19, 2009
Not really a fight, but the Bart Wellens karate kick was pretty funny, he just stuck his leg out and didn't even make contact it looks like. Made his point though. I wouldn't have waited a lap to do that, if somebody threw beer at me I would've got off my bike and chainringed the guy right in the face.

Fighting in pro cycling is pretty weak, you're not going to find much. If you want to see better fights look to hockey.